The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 to be South’s next show

Collin Knopp-Schwyn

Juniors Susie Campbell and Trevor Harty (front and back) and senior Andre Boone (center) rehearse for the show on the Mainstage.

Cemecia Mialor, Staff writer

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Excitement fills the air as theater students rehearse for the big upcoming theatrical production called the Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, a play written by John Bishop.
The play starts with a gathering of actors in a house preparing to audition for a show, but to their surprise, there is a mysterious serial killer on the loose, which sparks the characters to go into a chaotic, humorous frenzy.

Auditions for the Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 were held in September and 11 students were cast in this comedy. A few of the actors who are a part of the production are eager to see what the outcome of this forthcoming play will be.

Freshmen Mahalia Damm, who is new to the theater program at South High states her reasoning for auditioning. “When I heard about the play, I thought it was funny so I tried out,” says Damm. “I’m really excited about the play and there is a lot of mystery and dramatic characters, it’s really entertaining.”

Although South High has had many theatrical productions, for some students this upcoming play is more than just a show; it’s an activity that helps students to become more acquainted with one another and show off their acting chops. Senior Lisa Wasilowski who is looking forward to just being able to perform, explains. “I really like being in this play because I am meeting new people and it’s making me outgoing,” says Wasilowski. “It will be fun and entertaining.”

As students continue to prepare for the production, the Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 will be coming soon on December 8th and will go until December 11th on South High’s Mainstage. Keep your eyes on the date!

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