Super Soccer Saturday was once again a hit, despite loses

Eva Shellabarger, Staff Writer

South’s Super Soccer Saturday showcased six women’s and men’s teams from South and Southwest. The games lasted all day Saturday, starting at 9 AM. Southwest won all six games.

“Even when you know you might win or lose, watching a soccer game is overall pretty fun,” said junior Nahal Javan. “Especially when it’s under the lights.”

The women’s varsity team had a loss of 0-6 in their game on Saturday. The team lost 13 seniors from last year, and is working on rebuilding with new freshmen and sophomores.

“We’ve had the losses this year, and it’s just negatively impacted everyone’s ability to play,” said varsity captain Ava Skrade. “We’re mainly focusing on having it be fun for everyone, and building the team,” said Skrade.

Men’s varsity lost with a score of 1-2, with Southwest scoring in the last minute of the game to win. “The men’s varsity could’ve easily won that game, they just had one little mistake that lost them the goal, and that’s what they lost the game for,” said junior Owen Casey. “If the teams had a third chance to play they could probably win.”

Soccer Saturday is the season’s major fundraiser for the South Soccer Booster Club, and attendants were able to buy tickets for a raffle or silent auction prize. South parents also ran an apparel stand that sold South soccer gear.

Some seniors were disappointed with the way the games turned out. “It was my last Super Soccer Saturday, so it was definitely sad losing it,” said Skrade.

Men’s varsity is now ranked fourth in the city, while women’s varsity is ranked fifth.