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Eva Shellabarger, a senior and a Libra, clutches her notepad against her blue jean jacket, a look she jokingly remarks as “edgy but girly”, as she recounts her experiences leading up to her joining the Southerner. “I thought it was so exciting when a newspaper staff person came in to hand out a stack of newspapers,” she said. She shows the same excitement as she stands before me. Shellabarger would later go on to quit band at the end of sophomore year, freeing up space for her to join newspaper at the beginning of junior year. This year will be her second year on the Southerner, and she is excited to be the News and Features editor.

Besides school and newspaper, Shellabarger participates in cross country running, works as a writing coach in the writing center, and partakes in SRC, Green Tigers and Gender Equity. Shellabarger is driven to social justice work because she believes that it is her responsibility to take advantage of her opportunity to combat injustice, as well as learn from others experiences. She enjoys reading a lot. She reads fiction, non fiction and comics. She particularly admires the work of Daniel Clowes, the creator of Ghost World. Shellabarger also enjoys the occasional Netflix show. Currently she has been watching Louie.

Shellabarger is still unsure of what she wants to do after school, but she thinks she wants to go to college and is interested in studying many things, including: English, writing, culture, environment and Spanish. “One of my biggest goals is to be fluent in spanish,” she said. Wherever she goes, she wants to try to enjoy what she does. She said that for part of her life she believed that, “when you grow up your soul dies (The Breakfast Club, 1985)”, but now she's trying not to.

Although unsure of her plans moving on, Shellabarger has some idea of what she wants to do before the end of high school. “One of my goals is to become best dressed for this year, so vote for me!” she said. Shellabarger’s other goals are that she wants to graduate, she wants to be the best editor she can be, and she wants to survive college application season.


Eva Shellabarger, Editor

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