Winter Olympics: win or lose you’ll have fun


Teams: Volleyballs Deep, and Seward Rats face off against each other. The Volleyballs Deep did make to to the finals but sadly did not win. “It was fun playing, it wasn’t too intense” said Emma Schulz member of “Love at First Spike.” Photo: Katherine Lundquist

On Friday March 10 during 5th, 6th and 7th hour many students gathered in the gym to watch the Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics started as a way for students to relax for the second half of the day and just have fun. “It was a way for students council to get a community together and have fun” said Derartu Ansaha community service chair on student council.

“[The Winter Olympics] is a half day of five fun sports [Volleyball, Ping Pong, kickball, floor hockey and family feud], Ansaha explained. She had participated in the Winter Olympics her freshman year, and played family feud with a few of her friends. “I got to participate with a bunch of friends even if we were not that good at it.”

The Winter Olympics are different from last year in many ways. Last year basketball wasn’t that popular and not as many people were participating so student council got rid of it, and replaced it with ping pong and floor hockey. “We had a general meeting with student council and we voted on what we wanted to do” explained Ansaha. “Aponte was there and he said ping pong so we did that one.” The Winter Olympics started off later this year because other student council events like the blood drive were later in the year as well.

“We cancelled it [floor hockey and game night] because no one signed up for those sports,” said Ansaha. Although the turnout was great, with even whole classes who came down to watch, not many people signed up for the Winter Olympics overall.

Many people did not go to class Friday afternoon, not to play in the Winter Olympics but to watch. “I came to support my friends” said freshman Ella Cates. After watching the Winter Olympics Cates got inspired to make a kickball or volleyball team for the next olympics. “It would be a fun thing to do with my friends,” explained Cates.

The hallway outside the gym was where ping pong was held.“I lost my first game of ping pong. The score was something like 8-15,” explained ping pong competitor Violet Arkin. “I didn’t get any practice because there were not enough tables and enough time for me to practice.” Arkin participated because she thought it would be fun and to get out of class. Watching Volleyball was her favorite part, “It’s very entertaining and fun to watch.”

Arkins teammate, Alaiyah Nelson, decided to play ping pong in the Winter Olympics because it was something fun they could both do together. “My favorite part was the actual playing. It was really fun, [and] it wasn’t that competitive but it was a fun good game,” Nelson explained. “I really liked the teamwork and getting with your friends and doing something that is fun, and for sure I’m going to do this again next year.” Junior George Muller ended up winning ping pong with Will Danaher in second and Desmond LaFave in third.

Volleyball was the biggest hit. One of the easiest games to find the sport had a lot of room because it was in the gym. “It was fun playing, it wasn’t too intense” said freshman Emma Schulz a member of the “love at first spike” team. “I really liked playing against the boys with the really short shorts [The Burrote].” After the second game love at first spike lost 22-25.

The final winners of Volleyball were Teenage Mutant Ninja Volleyballers. “It felt good to win but all the other teams did great!” said Freshman Ellie Meier. “My favorite part was winning and being like haha [to the other teams].” Meier wanted to get involved in something with South and since her friends wanted to do it also the games were the perfect opportunity.

For some students it was the final year of participating in the Winter Olympics. “This year we decided on the most ridiculous thing we could wear, because it’s all about having fun” said short-shorts wearer, and senior Ryan Skow member of the Burrote. [We played volleyball] because it was the sport most of us had no experience with, just to make the experience a lot more fun.”

Winter Olympics is all about the experience. “Playing with your team and not being extremely competitive, like you want to win but you are not heartbroken if you don’t” said Skow. “The uniforms that each team creates, the team names and the nickname for each player.” All that and then some adds to the experience of the Winter Olympics.