The Southerner

Katherine Lundquist
Katherine Lundquist is the Editor in Chief of our student run newspaper, and has been on the team since freshman year. Lundquist is invested in nature, and enjoys going on nice bike rides after school. She owns a purple mountain-bike and loves biking along the trails running up and down Minnehaha. She also has had a chicken coop in her backyard since she was in 4th grade, and says she’s glad she could have the chance to take care of them. She says it has taught her to be passionate, caring, and more responsible. Lundquist is unsure of what she wants to do in her future, but is willing to go wherever the wind takes her. She plans to attend college, and major in business management. Overall Lundquist is a caring, intelligent, positive, extroverted, and confident individual, and we’re glad to have her as Editor in Chief!

Katherine Lundquist , Editor-in-Chief

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