Sophie Truen wins top scorer at gymnastics all city meet

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Izzy Willette

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Pictured above is South gymnast Sophie Truen at the January 21st Henry Sibley invitational. It’s been a great season for Sophie. While she has won top scorer before, she won the Minneapolis’s All City meet with a total of 34.25 points. A personal best for Truen. Photo courtesy of Sara Helmstetter.

It Was a good night for South’s women gymnastics team on Friday the 7th during the team’s All City finals. The women’s gymnastics team has won eight meets so far out of 10, and junior Sophie Truen has done a great job this season. Truen was able to give her team a leg up on the competition after she won top scorer at the all city meet.

The women’s gymnastics coach, Gabrielle Stickney, mentioned “There were a lot of great gymnast from the other schools. Sophie had a great meet and is an amazing gymnast.”

Truen has been perfecting her gymnastics form for a long time, and she explained “I started gymnastics when I was three and I just did it at parks then I went to clubs.” She credits her reason for doing gymnastics as, “My mom just always liked watching gymnastics and she always wanted to do it when she was little so she just put me in there and it was just something i always liked so I never really stopped.”

It’s clear that Truen, who is one of the captains of the gymnastics team, is very well respected. “Being on the team with Sophie [Truen] is amazing. She’s really welcoming, and she’s one of the best captains I’ve ever had,” said Welch. Stickney mentioned that Truen “works hard to get higher skills she also motivates me to be a better coach and person.”

It certainly is impressive that Truen became top scorer for the city meet, but according to Freshman Josie Welch the city meet, “Was one of our toughest meets because a lot of our girls weren’t doing as best as they could, and Sophie [Truen] really stepped up.” 9th grader Sarah Helmstetter mentioned, “The meet was pretty hard, but it was also friendly because all the gymnast were all kind of friends and know each other.”

Truen recognizes her accomplishment at the city meet, “I’ve gotten the highest score before but this one was bigger and more harder meet it felt pretty good though my teammates were happy for me and other people were congratulating me so it was nice.” With a total score of 34.25 it’s clear Truen is one of the best gymnasts in Minneapolis. She’s done well so far this season, but will have to face off the competition again at the has  section 6AA competition next Saturday at Eden Prairie H.S.