Recent fights at South


Photo Credit: Pixabay

A fist representing fights that happened at the beginning of the year at South.

Nyomie Ferguson, Staff Writer

Fights in the South are not uncommon, many students have had brewing conflicts and decide to settle it with each other physically rather than talking it out to resolve issues. Not only is this issue in the south, but other schools have also struggled with multiple fights breaking out due to student conflict. 

For most students, witnessing these fights is no longer a surprise, some even see it as a form of entertainment. We get an inside look with two people, a freshman and senior who have not only witnessed fights but have personally been in them, they wish to remain anonymous.

The fight had started in the middle of the hallway near the start of the 6th hour. Due to the hallways being crowded nothing could be resolved peacefully. They both stated that the fight happened because of a misunderstanding. The girl had claimed she thought he’d called her a name and took it to heart, shoving him. In the interview, we’d asked what happened to where he felt the need to hit back and the senior had stated that he sees things like this as “disrespectful” and wouldn’t tolerate anything like that.

A lot happened afterward, the two ended up fighting and one got slammed against a classroom door and people crowded around them, many people took videos and posted them online. Afterwards teachers pulled the two apart. 

Both sides were suspended towards the end of the day for at least two days. After the confrontation, the senior had to deal with some things that happened online such as people calling him harmful nicknames and such, when asked about this he said “Those are just people online they, don’t bother me” so he doesn’t seem bothered with the aftermath.

The freshmen had stated that she quickly moved on despite the circulating videos and people wanting obtain more information about what happened 

 They seem to hold no malice against each other after what happened and have both moved on with their lives despite what other people who were involved think.  

So this begs the question, why are fights at South high so common?

Most students jump to conclusions when problems first arise and don’t take the time to talk it out to resolve its issues. Another reason is that since fights are seen as entertainment, many students cheer on those who want to get into fights, and not many people take action to stop anything, students who do try and stop things just get caught up in the mess.