Newly formed Principal Advisory Board group members reflect on representing their grade


Quentin Wolf

Principal Stringer had teachers nominate four students from each grade to be part of the newly formed Principal Advisory Board, which will focus on making South a better place. “[We want to] not only focus on what’s going wrong at South, but also what’s going well,” Said Stringer.

Quentin Wolf, Staff Writer

On November 25th, two days before Thanksgiving Break started, Principal Brett Stringer announced at the grade level assemblies that he would be telling teachers to nominate four students from each grade level to represent their peers’ thoughts and opinions in meetings held every other Friday. 

The group, called the Principal Advisory Board, is new to South.  The principal himself opened up about the group, stating when he first thought of the idea. “Earlier this summer… and it was something that I had at my last school.” According to Stringer, the goal of the group is to “Not only focus on what’s going wrong at South, but also what’s going well… It’s always easier to point out what’s going wrong, but we should also acknowledge what’s going well or getting better.” 

“[the meeting timeframe is] One class period, and we rotate them, however if we need more time than that, we can do that,” said Stringer.

According to Stringer, he won’t have as much influence on the group, the ideas come from the students. “I’m just there really to facilitate them… they come up with the ideas and then I step in, take a look and say OK, what can we do to get this happening, or discuss some of the obstacles in getting there.”

One of the students selected for the student advisory board was junior Frederick Chang. “During this meeting we just talked about what it means to be on the board, and how we would utilize our time… in the future we’re gonna talk about issues we notice at school.” said Chang when asked what was, and what will be discussed during the meetings.

Chang recalls how he found out he got the position. “He [The Principal] just walked into my class one day, and told me that many teachers had recommended me to be on the board,” he said. 

Chang acknowledged the importance of being selected to the board.  “I feel like I can make an impact by being a member, and I hope I can bring up things that need to change.” Being on a board that advises the principal is a very powerful tool and asset. Chang proposed the idea of a South High social media page, stating “It would be an easier way to inform people…  no one really goes on to the website like they go on to their Snapchat, or Instagram… some kids don’t even know what’s going on and social media would be a good way to reach them… you can reach people so easily with just a quick post or email.”

Junior Ashlyn Ziegler, another member of the board, voiced her personal opinion on being a member of the advisory. She commented that she thinks it’s a great idea and is eager to get more involved with it. “For this first meeting it was mainly the principal talking, so I feel like it should be more student lead, but he said that’s what he wanted it to be so I’m hopeful.” When asked  if there was anything she planned to bring up in future meetings, she told me she would be mentioning “SRO’s and the relationship between POC, and White students.”

The newly formed student advisory board is a new addition to South and only time will tell how effective the group can be.