With wins and losses, October Super Soccer Saturday was a kick this year



(From left to right )Mateo Perez , Sami Kusa, Seif Elfatairy and Christopher Rounds chasing after the ball at Super Soccer Saturday.

Katherine Lundquist, Staff Writer

There were 6 soccer games at southwest High School, starting off with women’s B squad at 9 a.m. and wrapping up the day with men’s varsity at 7 p.m.

Even though South’s women’s varsity lost 6-1, it was the best they played all season: “We played a lot harder than last Super Soccer Saturday,” said senior Emily Currie. “We played as a team and put in a lot of effort”. Currie scored the point for South in the middle of the game. South and Southwest were tied until the last half of the game, as southwest scored goal after goal.

“Daddy’s money, daddy’s money, daddy’s money” was chanted by South students at Super Soccer Saturday over the weekend, in reference to the infamous high average income of Southwest students.

As the fields lights turned on the men’s varsity took the field the southwest band came and the cheering began. Many south students dressed up to support their team in a sea of orange.

South men’s varsity started off the game winning with a score of 2-0. The two goals were scored by Seif Elfatairy – one of the men’s varsity captains, along with Chris Rounds – and Brian Medel, up until Southwest scored a point by a corner kick.

Both soccer teams have up and coming games in the next weeks as the season wraps up: both women’s and men’s varsity will play Minnehaha Academy and Edison, with the men’s team also playing Patrick Henry. The final state tournaments will be played in late October.