Cheerleading returns to South

Fanta Diallo, Staff Writer

Due to the high demand, cheerleading has returned to South! The team is being coached by alumni Gaby Sidney and Tammy Williams, who plan on creating fun routines to support our school’s sports teams.

Last year, a couple of students wondered why South high school didn’t have a cheerleading team anymore, so they took the initiative. After looking into the topic, they learned that the cheerleading team was disbanded due to undisclosed actions.

A couple of years ago South high school had multiple competitive cheerleading teams. They had a team for the hockey team, and the cheerleaders were on the ice skates. They also had one for the basketball team.

Sidney and Williams, along with several students, came together to discuss the possibility of having a cheerleading team with principal Ray Aponte. Current junior student Zinneia Wilson was a part of the group of students promoting the return of the cheerleading team.  Mr. Aponte took some convincing. “At first he was really nervous about it because of the whole thing that happened before, but I think he knew we really wanted it,” said Wilson.

Sidney and Williams both graduated from South in 1992. Sidney is also the coach of the current gymnastics team. “I was a former cheerleader, and I think that South could use that right now. Tammy and I really just want to spread the joy and encourage students to support our sport teams”.

The coaches believe in the what a cheerleading team is supposed to do. “We just want to bring the joy and spirit back into the school,” said Williams.