Green Tigers receive funding for two new Stations of Hydration


Steve Sehueller installs second Station of Hydration on the first floor in the commons.

Noura Abukhadra, Staff Writer

Everyone loves the second floor Station of Hydration, and now there are two more. One located on the first floor and the other on the third floor. According to Climate Generation, an organization dedicated to supporting students who advocate for energy and water conservation,  South high Green Tigers were awarded $1,500 under the Goddard prize several months ago after proving the success of the first Station of Hydration. “Student leaders applied for this award last year with support from Climate Generation and Yea! MN,” states the organization’s blog.

A lot of mechanical technique goes into the installation of theses water fountains. “If something ( a piece of metal) is bent in the process , then you gotta work with that,” explains Steve Sehueller the skilled technician, as he describes the detail oriented procedure of the handy work. Sehueller goes on to explain that each bolt has to match up perfectly, as he points towards the narrow space where the plumbing goes. The first floor Station of Hydration is not yet functional.

The addition of two Stations of Hydrations is extremely logical due to the excessive popularity of the first (A startling 60,392 water bottles have been filled.) The line of students during passing times with plastic water bottles eager to get cold and fresh water can extend down the hallway and around the corner. Some students are willing to be late to class if that means getting a refill.

With a grand total of three Stations of Hydration, the lines around the original water dispenser are sure to decline and students will no longer have to risk being tardy to class. With clean water being more accessible than ever, perhaps students buying non-reusable water bottles will reconsider.