A Reflection on Going Back to School


Cahmera Kopet-Gervais

South is back to full in-person learning. Students hope to make the best of this school year!

Cahmera Kopet-Gervais, Staff Writer

 In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, 1,801 students walk through the school doors of South High School with frisson, ready to be back. While it is hard to social distance from one another during the school day, wearing masks is our way to help the school environment. Families may also face behavioral, social, and emotional challenges as children and teens readjust, again, to a new normal in their learning environments. Starting another new school year is always full of emotion, especially during a pandemic. Still, South makes it feel welcoming and obtainable. 

Black and orange surrounds students as they get lost in the hallways the first week or two. Teachers and staff are very helpful and welcoming through our confusion and nervousness, but maybe we’re excited to be lost in the hallways again. Seeing half of everybody’s face is amazing when you haven’t seen a face in a while other than at home. 

Angelina Sanchez is a sophomore at South. When asked the question “how does it feel to socialize again?” she answered with, “[it] really isn’t anything new… In-person really isn’t my thing, I’d rather do online classes.” She attended in-person school last year, so she has a sense of how to make socializing work for her. Sanchez says she isn’t a very social person & doesn’t enjoy it, so keeping distance in this pandemic is pretty easy for her. Overall, Sanchez only enjoys in-person because she gets to hang out with friends. 

Kaylee Lynch, a junior at South, also has some thoughts on socializing again. “How does it feel to socialize again?” She replied, “it’s really nerve-wracking at first… I like being in-person way more than online, but it’s hard getting used to going back to things,” said Lynch. She is still trying to get used to it but it’s nice to meet new people and talk to old friends.  Another thing Lynch appreciates is that the teachers so far have been nice and helpful. 

    Regardless of each interviewee’s opinion, we are all back at school and we should make the most of it. Hopefully, this school year will feel as “normal” as it can be. Due to the switch to in-person learning, teachers can now make sure their students are on task, students can now understand what they are being taught, and everyone can comprehend things much easier. 

Even though the first day back did not look at all of what students were dreaming of, it was still a special and unique memory that they will cherish forever. While it is unknown what the future will look like for everybody this school year, there are hopes especially for memorable events like prom and graduation. Let’s hope this will be THAT year!