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Skiers from left to right (top) Erika Peterson 8, Eliana Storkamp 9, Izzy Bergman 10, Ella Hock Robinson 8, Josie Ferguson 10, Izzy Willette 12 and Anna Mulhern 12 made it to state as a team. Photo courtesy; Izzy Willette.

Women’s Nordic team defy own expectations, make it to State

Gabe Chang-Deutsch, Staff Writer February 15, 2018

For the first time in many years the Women’s Nordic Team made it state in Nordic Skiing. While many years they have gotten close, this year “they had four strong skiers coming into sections, while...

Freshman and member of South’s B-Squad Basketball team Rahma Farah lines up for a shot at practice. With South getting sport hijabs for the first time this year, it’s easier for her and some of her teammates to practice and play in games. Farah explained, “Without the sport hijabs it would be so difficult to play [in practices and games].”
Photo: Cece Kaufmann

Athletic Hijabs Bring More Confidence to Girls Basketball Players

Cece Kaufmann, Staff Writer February 1, 2018

For the first time, South High School has gotten athletic hijabs. Jamila Bihi, a sophomore and B-squad player for South’s Women’s Basketball Term said this is important because, “For me, normal...

Pictured above is senior Stephanie Krause skating during a practice at Parade Ice Garden. The team hasn’t had many practices, but once the group gains a few more members they hope to have them more often.
Photo courtesy of Maren Stone.

Skating team glides into South as a club sport

Tannen Holt, Staff Writer February 1, 2018

Despite South having a variety of sports for people with different skills and interests, there remains a margin of sports that are not recognized by the school. In some cases, there are athletes who do...

The above graph with data from a study by Brooklyn College called Women in Intercollegiate Sport A Longitudinal, National Study Thirty-Seven Year Update shows the percentage of female coaches coaching female sports since 1978. Shortly after the passing of Title IX, the percentage of coaches has been steadily falling.

Where did all the female coaches go?

James Warren, Staff Writer February 1, 2018

When you play a sport, you normally want to feel comfortable and safe in that environment, and having a coach that is the same gender of you could help with this. “Having a female coach makes it easier...

The wrestling team practices for second time this season.  Head coach Drew Gau has high hopes for the team this year We got a great group of kids. I’m excited about them. said Gau. Photo: Mia Swanson

The wrestling team “family”: Stronger together

Mia Swanson, Staff Writer December 8, 2017

The South High wrestling team has many accomplishments, yet the team gets little recognition in the South community. The wrestling team has been dominating championships for the past eleven years now....

Senior Nina Kilgriff wears a Movband fitness tracker. This is one way students enrolled in online gym get credit along with completing daily assignments and work-out logs. “I dont think the difficulty is high, its not hard stuff that youre doing its just the amount of it [that’s] the challenging part,” said senior Ella Johnstad on the course workload. Photo: Zoe Chinander-McFaul

Online gym offers alternatives to busy students

Zoë Chinander-McFaul, Staff Writer December 8, 2017

It’s been over a decade since the first online gym class began and now it’s name is echoed around the halls. If you can’t imagine having to change clothes in school, there’s online gym. If you...

Elycia Willis, number 14 pictured above, is the second female varsity player in South history. She plays safety for the team and is fighting the misconception that only males can play football. “It actually feels pretty cool because bringing it to light that some girls that wanna play football. Showing them that they can, it’s pretty cool,” said Willis. 
Photo: Spencer Kimball

Tackling stereotypes, female joins football varsity team

Oliver Hall, Staff Writer November 15, 2017

For the first time in 21 years and the second time in South’s history, the varsity football team has a female player. Her name is Elycia Willis. She plays safety, and to her getting all the recognition...

Pictured above: Sophomore and junior varsity player Jude Nair at Super Soccer Saturday. “We had ten games scheduled and [because of bussing] we only played six,” said freshmen Andrew Njogu. Soccer is among other South sports that are struggling with busing inconsistency. Photo: Henry Holcomb

Budget cuts leave athletic department on edge

Cece Kaufmann, Staff Writer November 14, 2017

Recent budget cuts of about ten percent in Minneapolis Public Schools athletic department has led the district to sever their five year contract with Adidas. This cut, along with transportation problems...

This infographic with information from Health Research Funding organization shows statistics of eating disorders in teens.  “They [athletes] don’t mean for [eating disorders] to be, that’s not their goal but they just happen to come across it because they’re thinking, ‘I’m trying to make weight...’ and then all of a sudden they develop this pattern of eating, or not eating, or dysmorphic eating where they actually may have an eating disorder,” said Jennifer Lucke.

An unspoken issue hovers over high school athletics

Siobhan Sullivan, Staff Writer October 29, 2017

“I think it’s something that you don’t hear about enough. You just don’t hear about it enough because it’s not in the news like drug overdoses, or other issues that are more common among teenagers,”...

Pictured above: Katie Kelbrants, South’s only diver at the Columbia Heights competition diving. This meet happened last year on September 28th. TMT won both the swimming and diving competitions. After winning the meet Katie said, “I felt really good because diving is such a competitive and precise sport, it’s really difficult to win a meet.” Photo courtesy of Emma Bursinger

Did you know: South has one diving team member

James Warren, Staff Writer October 23, 2017

Katie Kelbrants is the only diver that South High has in “Tiger Millers Teddies,” or as the team calls it, TMT. She has at times thought about wanting another member in the diving team but really appreciates...

Junior and varsity player Addie Scott (6) jumps to hit the volleyball in a game against Southwest on October 5th. “Volleyball is a huge part of my life… its where Ive met some of my best friends and have some of my best memories, said senior and varsity player Rose Letofsky.

Volleyball team serves some close scores, bright smiles

Henry Holcomb, Sports Editor October 6, 2017

“We just wanted this game so badly. We have been looking forward to it since my sophomore year,” said senior and varsity volleyball player Rose Letofsky on South’s showdown against Southwest...

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