Students Share Their Favorite Books

Eli Shimanski, Staff Writer

Reading can be a key to a different worlds and new adventures. It’s one of the most classic forms of entertainment and contrary to popular belief, a lot of high schoolers love to do it. There are so many great books and everyone has a favorite. These are some that students at South high would recommend for any readers. 


One senior, Antonia Lowell recalled her affection for the book “What Happened to Lani Garver”. It follows a mysterious girl and as Lowell described it as “what happens when bullying goes too far.” She classified it as “realistic fiction or fantasy” and said that “it makes you think a lot, after you read it you have to sit down and think about it.”



Freshmen Max Okagaki said that he enjoys the Patrick Rothfuss book “The Name of the Wind”. It’s a fantasy novel and the first book in “The Kingkiller Chronicles”. Okagaki said that he likes the story and would recommend it because “it’s a fun book to read”.




Sophomore Viola Onikoro-Arkell is a fan of the book “Mosquitoland” by David Arnold. It’s a coming of age tale about a 16 year old girl traveling from Mississippi to Ohio. She praised it saying that “it’s really funny but also talks about serious stuff.” and that it’s “pretty relatable”.



Gedion Olson, a junior here at South, talked about how he’s always liked the “Silverwings Series”. A trilogy that covers the adventures of a group of bat’s, which Olson likes saying that “most books are from the point of view of a human” and that “things we consider normal they look at differently”


Another junior, Amber Olvera-Whirlwind Horse, thinks that her favorite book is “Candy”. A book by Luke Davies which follows a heroin addict that falls in love.Olvera-Whirlwind Horse says that she likes it because “it’s short and very philosophical.” and said that “I recommend it if you need some optimism in your life.”