Five reasons why Bob’s Burgers is revolutionary and you should be watching it right now

Here’s the thing, friends, Bob’s Burgers is seriously hilarious. Still, and this seems ridiculous, some of my friends don’t watch it. I’ve heard all kinds of things ‘I don’t like cartoons,’ or ‘I just don’t think it’s funny.’ I’m here to tell you that those people are wrong. Here, in a convenient list, is exactly why.



  1.  The dialogue sounds like real people talking – they say “um,” interrupt or talk over each other and sometimes their jokes fall flat. This is unique not only for an animated show, but also for T.V. as a whole. It contributes to a unique brand of humor that, for me, feels more like I’m laughing at my friends. This is a welcome reprieve from overproduced shows full of overdone humor that use a laugh track because they, apparently, think I can’t figure out when I should laugh by myself.
  2. The humor is overwhelmingly positive. Although the characters sometimes laugh at each other, they are never cruel. There’s not a single character that exists solely to be the butt of a joke, which brings a refreshingly humane vibe to the show.
  3. Another facet that I think is nearly completely unique is the complete lack of prejudice. The creators of Bob’s Burgers have had the groundbreaking revelation that – get this – you can be funny without being needlessly offensive or poking fun at marginalized groups. The Thanksgiving episode features a hilarious sequence in which one of the main characters, Bob, keeps ruining turkeys and going back to the deli counter to buy more. The male deli clerk thinks that Bob is hitting on him – eventually deciding to leave his boyfriend for a protesting but flattered Bob. It’s a really funny bit and also, coincidentally, the only gay joke I’ve seen on television that doesn’t make me want to cry about the state of humanity. It’s also a generally progressive show – from characters that bend gender norms to a really balanced treatment of female sexuality.
  4. It’s like a kid’s cartoon, but for grown ups (or at least older kids). It keeps the plots that wrap up in one episode and the humor, which makes it super fun and non-stressful to watch. Perfect for finals week/when you’re recovering from a week with way too much homework/de-stressing in general. It’s low pressure, without being a ‘guilty pleasure’ show – because it’s still intelligent and not an embarrassing thing to admit that you watch. From the color palette to the art style, it’s just a cheerful show that always puts me in a good mood. I would totally get up early on Saturday morning to watch Bob’s Burgers.
  5. The characters are relatable. Like a lot of humor, Bob’s Burgers features characters that are like caricatures or exaggerated versions of real people. There’s a reason you’ve seen gifs from this show everywhere – no one has ever encapsulated your feelings about everything from being really into somebody to how much you hate literally everyone like these folks do.

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