Please End This Love

Maeve Handley, Staff Writer

Prestigious girl with a promising future and a death of a loved one falls for a working class boy with a dark past. Sound familiar? Of course it does. It has happened in practically all teenage romance movies. The remake of Endless Love was no exception to this boring, overused cliche of a story.

Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde star as Jade and David; two 18 year olds who are in love for the first time. David along with his dad Harry (Robert Patrick) are the only believable characters in the film. Jade however is bland. I’m not talking about bread bland, I’m talking about gluten free bread toasted to a crisp bland. She is an obvious character; obsessed with the first boy she falls in love with willing to throw away every opportunity of a future to be with him. With her father Hugh (Bruce Greenwood) hating the relationship and her mother Anne (Joely Richardson) supporting David’s idea that love will fulfill you more than education, the plotline is predictable and unrealistic.

The dialogue between the two stars is minimal and is filled with makeout sessions, hugging, awkward laughing and dancing. The relationship was very unbelievable between David and Jade especially when the only real fight they had was about love and loving eachother. It was overly dramatic and un-charismatic. When David spoke to Hugh about being a typical hopeless romantic and about how he cared for Jade (after only having human contact with her for about 2 days) was very difficult to buy, and even harder to believe would actually happen. The only relationship I found realistic was between Jade’s brother Keith (Rhys Wakefield) and his girlfriend Sabine (Anne Enger).

It was very difficult to forget my true feelings towards the movie after meeting with Alex Pettyfer; because of his charm, some of his answers were obviously geared towards teenage girls. One of my favorite engineered answers was that because he was “in love with love” it was a setback to his career. He was incredibly witty and humorous though. Props to you Mr. Pettyfer, props to you.

I wouldn’t spend my hard earned teenage money (which is scarce) on this. Once again hats off to you Universal Studios for creating another movie that exhibits unrealistic experiences between two people.