South’s Adapted Soccer Team Going to State

Souths Adapted Soccer Team Going to State

Eva Shellabarger, Staff Writer


After holding a season record of 7-1, South’s adapted soccer team is headed to the state tournament on November 14th and 15th at Stillwater High School. The team will start the tournament by playing St. Paul’s Humboldt on Thursday evening. The team has gone undefeated except for losing one game, which hasn’t happened since 1986. This is their 2nd year in a row going to state, something the team is very excited about.

As well as having a good record this season, the team also beat Dakota twice, which hasn’t happened in twenty two years.

The team took 5th place last year at state, but they have high expectations for this year’s placing. “This is our first time being number one seed in the tournament,” said Coach Mike York.

Together sophomores Hanna Bolstrom and Noah Novacek play as defenders for the soccer team. They are very excited. “If we work hard and focus on what we’re playing, we will have good chances,” said Bolstrom. “People mostly would be a little nervous, but I just calm down and you’ll be really great and just do your best.”

This tournament will be an exciting way to show off South’s skills and teamwork. “The kids are really team focused this year,” said York. “Everybody is focused on one goal.”
Adding more players has strengthened the team for the season. “We have more people, and we have more friends, and we have more scores,” said Bolstrom.