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Though she is embarking on her last year here at South, Sera Mugeta has lots of enthusiasm for the upcoming one, working as a member of the Southerner. Self-described as “weird, quiet and radical,” she first wanted to join when a friend joined last year, and though the friend has since then quit, Mugeta continued on the path to the Southerner.

Mugeta loves to write and and especially loves to read. “I could read for like 6 hours and finish a book,” she mused. A favorite author of hers is Rick Riordan, who wrote the Percy Jackson series. Mugeta loves the combination of reading while also learning about the greek gods.

Another connection to writing that Mugeta has is her favorite teacher Ms.Hodge, who taught 11th grade english. “She has a personality and a way of talking to everyone.” A favorite project they did was an analysis of ads from the 1960s. Mugeta and her classmates soon discovered they were full of sexist and racist messages. “When you analyze, you look at things in a whole different way,” explained Mugeta.

Lastly, as a proud Gemini, Mugeta warns that “Pisces are the ones to watch out for,” citing their water association as proof of  them being slippery. “You can’t catch them.”

Look forward to seeing Sera’s articles in the Southerner this year.


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