Crocs to Prom: Cute or tacky?


If you don’t own any pair of crocs, you can gladly purchase them at the crocs shop in the Mall of America! Photo: Sera Mugeta

Sera Mugeta, Staff Writer

With Prom rounding right around the corner, students are getting their last touches done in order to complete their Prom looks. The perfect Prom attire: the dress, tux, heels, oxfords, it’s all something students spend a hefty amount of time picking out and fretting over that you can’t seem to concentrate on anything else.  

Prom is such a hyped up and important event in high school that most people stick to the classic dress and heels for their outfit instead of branching out the status quo and wearing something bold or funky. Something like body suits, pajamas, or even like some 2016 seniors have suggested, Crocs. 

If you never wanted a pair of Crocs when you were in fifth grade you definitely never went to a Minneapolis Public School. They were the shoes everyone wore during middle school at least once, but don’t talk about because it’s so horrible to remember.  Most think that they’re tacky and have an ugly appearance, but nevertheless Crocs are making a comeback. Two South High seniors, Cornelia Lutz and Lilly McLaughlin, were talking on the phone one night when they suddenly came up with the idea to wear Crocs to prom.

“We were on the phone and I was like why not wear Crocs to prom? Cornelia really likes Crocs. They’re really comfortable, and we [the seniors] should all wear them to prom,”said Mclaughlin, one half of the Crocs Facebook page, stated.

Following their phone conversation, Lutz and McLaughlin decided to start a small event on Facebook inviting seniors and juniors to wear their Crocs to prom. Currently it has over forty people interested and has eleven guests attending.

“I’m wearing Crocs to prom because they’re comfortable,” McLaughlin stated. They’re also waterproof which can come in handy if it decides to pour down on Prom day which is always a possibility with Minnesota weather.

So, you’ve seen the page and might be considering wearing Crocs to Prom. But you don’t have any money to spend on buying some.

“We’ve posted some suggested ideas for DIY Crocs if people don’t own any. For one you could punch some holes in your shoes,” McLaughlin suggested. “You could also crochet a pair of your own,” she added.

When asked if they had any strong opposes for their ‘Crocs to prom’ event, McLaughlin laughed mentioning Kendra Roedl as an anti-Crocs fan. Her short and only comment, “Please delete this event– Facebook won’t let me report it” on the Facebook event fully describes her feelings for the whole event.

Who knows how many people will actually shed out of the Prom social norms and wear a pair of Crocs to Prom, but it’s definitely something that will make Prom a night to remember!