South takes a new swing at the 2017 golf season


Pictured above Django Lebeau prepares his first swing of the second hole in the South High golf team’s game against Roosevelt on the 18th. This is the team’s first game of the season. Photo: Oliver Hall

Standing out on a cloudy day just cold enough to the point where the tips of your fingers are numb, geese squawking loudly and a massive expanse of green. A new player lines up a shot and hit the ball towards the hole. For some it may sound boring but for others it’s their favorite pastime. Golf is going an interesting direction this year despite many good players graduating the South high Golf team they managed to persevere and win against Roosevelt on April 18th. After mainly talking to beginners and freshman it became apparent that they could provide a better perspective for any looking to join the golf team. Freshman Ellen Weepie who plays for the girls team said despite the fact that the Boys and Girls golf teams already had several fresh faces they’re always looking for new players.

“Golf is going pretty good this year, we have less people than we did in previous years which I wouldn’t know but I’ve heard. We’re trying to recruit some people still.” However despite their lack of people Weepie believes her team will shine regardless. “We’re doing pretty good, there’s a bunch of new beginners. We had our first match today and it went pretty well. I’m a beginner so I didn’t do great, but it was fun.” Django LeBeau another new golfer pointed out a major obstacle that could block the way of the teams, “Not everyone is focused on a common goal [and] some people can’t make it to practice. It’s golf and it’s not a massive team sport so it can’t quite grab everyone’s attention.”

Many people tend to associate golf with their grandparents and isn’t necessarily seen as flashy. However, Lebeau believes the team can overcome this, “We’re not the greatest team but we have a lot of potential, and we can at least try to get better. I think our golf team has actually been better in years past. I’m not the expert I’ve only just joined.”

Weepie brought up some reasonable obstacles for newcomers to golf. “Its really really hard, and carrying your bag and everything is heavy you get really achy and if you turn your back the wrong way. You could hurt yourself and it’s really hard to master the swing [of the golf club], but it’s really fun to get there.” Carol Allery the coach of the two teams mentioned more about the little quirks of golf that give it a more positive light, and the fact that golf is a very unique sport, “It’s a sport where you’re really in the spotlight.”

It was striking how a hush fell over everyone as a player approached the tee and prepared for a swing, everyone murmured and had these excited looks on their faces. Though golf can be very slow paced it was clear to see that these students took it very seriously. Which showed whenever they slammed their golf club into the ground because of a poor shot, or pumped their fist in victory after finishing a hole. Allery later said, “Its a very social thing. If you’re going out to golf you should bring a buddy.”  Allery commented on a major obstacle to the 2017 golf season, “It’s the weather, if it’s a nice day it’s a nice day for golf, but for the most part golf has been going well. This is our first match.” Allery believes the advantage they had over Roosevelt, on the 18th came from the fact that even with their younger team they still had more experience. “Roosevelt has quite a few beginning golfers,” she mentioned.  It appears that despite the fact that there are many beginning golfers on the South team they are all getting better very quickly and will be able to go very far this year. Weepie said “It’s a little late but you can still join if you want too.”