Returning to class after prayer: an ongoing issue


Ikram Mohamed

A student prays in the hallways during class (image taken with permission). An ongoing issue between students and teachers is students leaving for prayer, but not returning to class on time or at all. There should be more structured rules set for when students need to be back in class.

Ikram Mohamed, Staff Writer

Do teachers have a problem with students having to leave for prayer? Some teachers don’t like the disruption students create when walking into class 10-15 minutes late every day. Many students take advantage of prayer and play around and think they have “freedom” to be in the hallways. Teachers are also probably frustrated because they have to go over the class instructions again when several students come to class late. 

But then again a lot of teachers at South are very much understanding about prayer and they don’t have a problem with it. The biggest issue the staff have with prayer is not going straight back to class after we’re done praying. I don’t blame the teachers for being mad about that, because students should respect the fact that we are supposed to return to class after prayer.

Freshman Salma Abdi shared her thoughts on why teachers have an issue with prayer, “We come back from prayer extra late and we miss out on instructions and come back to class being very disruptive. I also believe that sometimes some students don’t even come back from prayer and use that time to play around. I think most teachers don’t mind that we go out for prayer but they would very much appreciate it if we came back on time.”

Kylie Marshall, a social studies teacher, said that some of her students come back to class after prayer on time and some don’t. She added that the majority of them come in quietly and jump right into what the class is working on. 

“[Leaving for prayer] is completely fine with me. It’s for their religion and I don’t wanna say what they can or can’t do, but I think we need some more structures in place.” She suggested adding more specific times when students leave and when they should return to class.

“I’m all in for Friday prayer — it’s really important to a huge part of the South High community here,” Marshall continued. I think most students go to pray but I think there’s some students that go to prayer like you said they might be using it as an excuse to be a little later to class then they should be.” I agree with Ms. Marshall the big issue is students not coming back on time or them not coming back at all. There should be more structured rules set for when students need to be back in class.