New Facebook page brings wave of positivity


South High Compliments has opened up an opportunity for students to compliment each other anonymously through Facebook.

Eli Shimanski, Staff Writer

On November 27 a new and mysterious Facebook page entitled “South High Compliments” hopped on the scene, being a middleman of nice compliments. So far these compliments have been given to lift people’s spirits and self esteem and to combat all of the mean things that are said on the Internet.The new page has made energy run high at South High School. 

The way that this page works is that anyone can send in a compliment with a Facebook message and it will soon be shared publicly. It’s garnered some “pretty good” feedback because of the way it combats a lot of the negative social media accounts that have popped up recently such as South High Confess and SOUTH HIGH ROASTS.

“There’s a lot of stuff going around and I was like if people want to compliment someone and they don’t want people to know who it is, than this would be a proper way of doing it,” said the creator of the page, “just so people know how good of a person they are.”

Being behind the scenes of the page allows a unique perspective to the compliments explained the creator. “A lot of people send [the compliments] in and I know that they aren’t specifically friends with that person, and I think that that’s something to let you step out of your comfort zone,” they said. 

The creator of the page hopes that it will create a more positive atmosphere within the South High community.