What do students want in a superintendent?


This is the percents of surveys submitted by Minneapolis students and staff.

Lisa Williams , Staff Writer

On Thursday, September 17 in the media there was a meeting where students were to come talk about what they would like in a new Superintendent.

The only people who made it to the meeting were Dr. Ted Blaesing from HYA Executive Search Division, and Mr. Ethan Dean. With no students there to talk about their opinions, Dr. Blaesing insisted on sharing a good story for the Southerner. 

The search for a Superintendent is a very long process. In order to choose a Superintendent, there is a rough 11 month search. Spread over the 11 months, there are 3 rounds of interviews and around 36 community meet and greets. 

At the meet and greets, such as the meeting at South, the person from the firm looks for unique characteristics that the students and teachers want in a Superintendent, “What are the unique things about Minneapolis that bubble to the top?” as Dr. Blaesing puts it.

Even though there were very few people there, there was a lot of learning going around the media center, and people were still able to give opinions about what they wanted through online and written surveys.

“When this is all said and done, why shouldn’t South High be the first school inviting the new superintendent to visit?”