College tour boot camp gives students an authentic experience

Project Success students on a tour to St. Catherine's University

Project Success students on a tour to St. Catherine’s University

Eva Shellabarger, Staff Writer

This MEA weekend, Project Success gave middle and high school students the opportunity to experience one of many Minnesota college campuses. The students could choose from 14 different colleges to visit. All colleges were in the Minnesota area, except for Luther college in Iowa and the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire and River Falls.

The tour lasted for three days, informed students about admission and the different colleges available to them. According to their website, the aim of the tour is “helping young people develop the skills and insight required to choose the best college for their individual needs.”

Junior Chiara Handsuch-Gamero went on the tour to St. Catherine’s University, an all women’s college. “Hearing from the students that go there, [the tour] was very honest, and they gave me an unbiased idea of what college is like.”

Students on the tour could choose a class to sit in on, and try out the food at the college. The tour is a chance to ask any questions that students might have about college, and to learn about what options are available around Minnesota.

It is also important to note that Project Success offers in-state tours at no cost to students, and provides need-based reduced trip fees for tour costs out of state.

“There are colleges right in the cities, and people don’t realize how convenient some of them could be.” said Handsuch-Gomero.

Project Success offers college tours throughout winter and into spring. The next tours are to Wisconsin and North Dakota on October 31st and November 1st. Signing up is easy, with applications available online or in South’s main office.
More information about Project Success and college tours is available on their website, Project SUCCESS.