Groups Collaborate Due To Lack of Attendance

Rhiana Stark, Staff Writer

South’s GSA and LGBTQ groups have been supporting the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community for years. In the 2013-2014 school year however the two groups have decided to collaborate because of the lack of attendance at the old GSA assemblies. Meeting once a week each group gathering has become a sort of unspoken mix of the groups without a separate GSA happening this year. While the collaboration has not become an official status that all student are aware of, the essence of the idea remains.

The meetings take place once a week at a changing time during the school day. The South students are reminded every morning during second hour with the announcements saying, “Come support the GSA group…” Welcoming anybody to the meetings for a safe environment. Katie Fritz, the advisor of the student driven group mentioned that “People are open to it and we’ll see how it unfolds…” but she “[Hasn’t] heard any students bringing that up as a need yet.”

To some the change is minute or unnoticeable but as Katie went on she mentioned that “it’s a little bit confusing, even for the students in the groups… partially because it’s very different than how things have been run in the past.”

Even with the change and small confusion the group has no concerns on the upcoming year in regards to the group itself. And as the year continues they believe that it will remain a safe, secure, and supportive aspect of our school.