Local restaurants provide a variety of delicious foods


Cyrus Nordhaugen and Cooper Cooper enjoy a delicious tiger burrito at Pineda

Eli Shimanski, Staff Writer

South students are spoiled with a ton of great restaurants to visit either during or after school. Most of them can probably convey to you the feeling of walking back to school through cold winds and snow with a steaming hot Little Caesars pizza or they might have their favorite tiger burrito order memorized. We don’t think about that much but, food can be an important step in creating our own culture here at South. We are very fortunate to have this gluttony of great food so close to our community that is filled with diversity and can fulfill any craving.

The Midtown Global Market is just a couple blocks down Lake street and according to their website they celebrate the  “diverse peoples of this community”. Walking through the front door will overwhelm you with a multitude of sights and smells. Strolling through the open environment is engrossing as you absorb all of your options. There are twenty-one different restaurants that are each selling some sort of unique cuisine that fits in with the aesthetic that the market portrays as a whole. You can also pick up some fresh groceries at The Produce Exchange, they sell a very typical array of vegetables.

At Gandhi Mahal you can expect some superb indian food at a very good price. When you first walk into the building you may find yourself engulfed by the smell of spicy curry dishes being cooked and the sound of live music flourishing through the entire space. When you sit down, you’re met with a complimentary dish that sets the mood for the rest of the meal. No matter what you get I’d say that it probably won’t disappoint. After the meal you’ll be given some complimentary hot towels to finish your experience. Its also worth noting that this place has some superb service to top it all off.

One definitive south hot spot of the south area is Pineda– a quick and easy lunch or after school taco place. They have openly embraced its south crowd by introducing the ‘tiger burrito’, a five dollar burrito meal that comes with a bag of corn chips and a drink of your choice. The sunlight shining through the huge windows on the east side of the restaurant can lift your spirits as you’re chomping down on an amazing burrito. With its charmingly quirky decor. Pineda is an obvious choice for anyone who wants a quick bite to eat.

When asking about food near South one place that students kept bringing up was the Aldi that’s just a block away.”I love going to Aldi” raved junior Cyrus Nordhougen. This supermarket might not qualify as a restaurant but it does deserve a shout out just for being a nice place for students to pick up essential goods at a cheap price.

All local restaurants in the area helps create a culture at South that is open to different cultures and the significance that they bring along with them. Food is a key part of anyone’s life and it affects more than just how hungry we are but we can also be introduced to a lot of different flavors and tastes, all by circumstance.