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The gymnastics team practices at North Star Elementary School, where they share a gym with Washburn, Southwest, Edison, Henry, and North high schools. “We go to North Minneapolis, and there’s a facility there called North Star that we got 6 years ago, that’s where all the gymnastics teams go to practice,” said Gabby Stickney.

Gymnastics team faces recurring challenges due to lack of support

Fardus Hassan, Staff Writer December 12, 2019

The support and acknowledgement the gymnastics team receives is minimal at best, from South administration to district staff, the gymnastics team has had to fight to keep themselves going. Many people...

Student athletes often learn to get their homework and schoolwork done during whatever free time they have. Misha Donnelly and Andrew Njogu have found a flow for how to manage their time. “Time management is a big thing you have to work on,” said Njogu.

Sports participation causes students to do better in school

Rayna Acha, Staff Writer November 8, 2019

Wake up, go to school, go to practice or a game, do your homework, repeat. Student-athletes have a lot on their plates; they have to find a balance between academic performance and athletic performance....

Being on the football team has been rewarding for Olson, and she feels like she has made people think about gender roles in sports. “One of the fun things is sometimes when I come off the field and I take my helmet off and I’m walking out, some girls will say ‘oh my god are you on the football team?!’. It’s awesome to see them be like ‘that’s so cool’,” said Olson.

Challenging gender roles in football; Chloe Olson is recruited to be new kicker

Guille Bastian McClain, Staff Writer November 5, 2019

This fall season, junior and captain of the women’s soccer team, Chloe Olson was persuaded into being the kicker for the football team. She was the only girl on the team and has turned a lot of heads....

When the trip was cancelled, Squall still had two more games left in their season. Despite their sadness, the team went undefeated the whole season and won first place at the playoffs.

Frisbee team devastated over cancelled trip to Canada

Graham Doyle, Staff Writer November 4, 2019

Over MEA break, the South High Squall team was scheduled to go to Winnipeg, Canada for their annual Ultimate Frisbee tournament. However, over the course of the preceding Thursday night to Monday morning,...

The South Cheer squad has had a few new changes this year. Not only do they have a new coach Gabby Stickney but they have also had an increase in cheerleaders on their team due to better publicity and funding. “[The cheerleading squad is more popular this year] because we were able to promote [the team] more. I mean having cheerleading in the winter helped to have people see that we wanted to continue cheerleading and now people have been seeing them at soccer and football games so we have more people inquiring about the winter tryouts. I think once people see it they know it’s there,” said Stickney.

Go Tigers! Cheerleading team increases in numbers this year due to funding and publicity

Maya Edmonds, Staff Writer October 23, 2019

The South cheerleading team has had an increase in numbers this year due to more funding and publicity. Last year, the team didn’t have a coach because funding for the squad was very slim, however, after...

Many students would agree that attendance is disproportionately lower at women’s games than men’s games. “I think there are more people at the guys games than the girls games,” Aidan Campbell, senior on the Varsity Boys team.

Students confront disparity between support at men’s games vs. women’s games

Nick Auckenthaler, Staff Writer October 23, 2019

Gender inequalities in sports are something many people notice but don’t pay much attention to, however, during this soccer season, this disparity was really brought to center field. Why is it that there...

The volleyball team’s multiple year-long tradition of kneeling for the national anthem continues on despite the backlash from officials and the crowd during recent matches. “For me, I’m just protesting what’s going on in this country and the inequalities with race, gender, and stuff that I don’t think is right,” said junior and varsity player on the team, Marie Venberg.

Volleyball team faces adversity when taking a knee during the national anthem

Hayley Morgan, Staff Writer October 16, 2019

As South’s volleyball team runs to the bench after finishing their warm-up before the Robinsdale Cooper match, they are pulled into a huddle by their head coach, Tori Tomlinson. Tomlinson tells the girls...

The Southside Sabers is a rugby club in the South community that provides an inclusive sports team open to anyone interested. “It’s just a really supportive community and anyone who has ever felt out of place in other sports should definitely give it a shot no matter who you are,” said Senior Aria Wanek.

Rugby team brings community to South

Hazel Mckinney, Staff Writer May 9, 2019

Students at South are playing women’s rugby for the South Side Sabers which is a rugby club for high schoolers in Minneapolis. The team is not connected to South High School but it practices only two...

Emma Dinger, a junior on the women’s soccer team, does calf raises at a weightlifting session before school. Many sports teams, including soccer, swimming, and badminton, have started holding practices in the morning to better accommodate schedules. “Rather than doing practices at 6 o’clock, after school, it’s just easier to do it in the morning. And I actually like doing it in the morning, because then I have the afternoons free,” said freshman Madeline Leventhal, a player on the Badminton team.

Sports before school: an early alternative

Erika Peterson, Staff Writer May 6, 2019

In the past few years, holding practices in the morning has become more common for sports teams at South. Motives vary by sport, but common reasons include scheduling conflicts, increased attendance, and...

Early this month was the Minnesota State wrestling tournament, held at the Excel Energy Center. This year two South wrestlers, brothers Brian and Daniel Avre, both qualified. Wrestling is a family tradition for them, and they have both been wrestling since around five. “It’s been a lifelong run for both of them. They’ve both been wrestling their whole lives and they just really put in the time,” said their coach Joe Morgan.

For the Avres, wrestling is a family affair

Kinsley Wilcox-McBride, Staff Writer March 27, 2019

February 28th to March 2nd was Minnesota’s high school state wrestling tournament. This year two South High wrestlers qualified for the competition, brothers senior Brian Avre and sophomore Daniel Avre....

Andrew Njogu playing in the playoff game for his futsal club team JOTP

Andrew Njogu dribbles his way to the national futsal team

Hazel Mckinney, Staff Writer March 20, 2019

Sophomore Andrew Njogu made the National Futsal team for the 2003 age group, or 16 year olds. The team will be competing in Argentina in July against Academy teams from Argentina. Academy teams are the...

All Nations students have the opportunity to learn the process of building traditional lacrosse sticks. Every spring All Nations students learn traditional lacrosse as part of the curriculum. The introduction of the game is an important connection to their traditional culture and building sticks takes that a step further. South sophomore, Ava Keezer-Dow said, “Before lacrosse was just always a game [but] since I started making [lacrosse sticks] it’s just like I felt more connected to something bigger.”

All Nations students build community with lacrosse sticks

Talula Cedar-James and Ida Pountney March 20, 2019

Students have the opportunity to learn how to hand-build traditional lacrosse sticks during and after school. Traditional Lacrosse is an important part of South’s All Nations program. Teachers introduce...

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