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Fardus Hassan

Fardus Hassan, Staff Writer

Freshman, Fardus Hassan is likely to be found chilling at home binge-watching Netflix while scrolling through her social media or playing iMessage games with friends. When she gets the chance, Fardus loves to go shopping, especially at the Mall of America, where she buys stickers or pins to add to her pin collection. If she hasn’t spent all of her money yet, Fardus will enjoy some Panda Express at the mall, even though it makes her sick after. Over the summer, Fardus went to India, her first time overseas, where she enjoyed spending time with her family, who she’s very close with. Friends would describe Fardus as smart, open minded, and supportive, which is reflected in her goal to pursue a job helping people in the future. Everyone around Fardus can see that she lives by the golden rule ‘treat others how you wish to be treated’. Fardus decided to be a part of the Southerner because she enjoys writing and is excited to try something new.

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