New AP arts program will paint a path for artsy students


New Advanced Placement art classes will be offered at South next year. This will give new opportunity for South students interested in pursuing an art career. “It’ll be better, and more inclusive of what people like to do.” sophomore Claire Bentfield said. “I’m excited to sign up.” Photo: Luca Raffo-Simoes

Luca Raffo-Simoes, Staff Writer

According to Cynthia Berger, South High’s painting teacher, the arts program has had a lot of support from the faculty: “Mr. Alponte has been very, very supportive,” Berger explained. With his support, they have managed to accomplish a lot, such as getting advanced art classes for students who are serious about pursuing a career in art.

There are many students excited about the advanced classes coming to South, one of them being sophomore Claire Bentfield. Bentfield explained how some of these advanced art classes won’t only be on drawing and painting, they will supply information on many different art forms. “It’ll be better, and more inclusive of what people like to do.” Bentfield said. “I’m excited to sign up.”

Bentfield explained the many pros of this advanced class but she also mentioned a con: “I heard it’s year long and I don’t know if I can do that.” Bentfield went on to say, “But if I can take it for a semester I’ll definitely sign up.”

Bentfield is also worried about the class’s skill level: “The art classes I’ve taken in the past, it’s just too easy” said Bentfield, “And it’s not much fun cause it’s just going over the basics every year.”

South will have AP (Advanced Placement) art classes next year, according to Berger, which is a year long class where students develop a portfolio and are graded by the “AP people”. “I think it’s an excellent opportunity for kids who want to do a lot and challenge themselves,” Berger said. “It’s a place for students who want to be in a space with people who are like-minded about art.”

Lili Jensen is another student thinking of signing up for the advanced art class coming to South next year. “I’m really excited because it’s less people so the teacher will be able to work with us more.” Jensen said, “And I think it’ll be fun!”

Jensen also expressed excitement about being able to get AP credit in this class. “Which is really cool, cause I need that [AP credit].” Jensen said with a laugh.

According to Berger this class will also give students a chance to make a portfolio that they can then submit to art colleges. Berger hopes that the advanced art classes will also be able to go on field trips: “So they can be connected with the larger art community,” Berger explained.

Berger also expressed how these classes make her happy. It allows her to be challenged by the students and allows her to help them do things that are challenging. “I think it builds community through the school, and I think it builds community within the department.” Berger explained. “It’ll be a safe space for students who want that sort of thing [a future in art].”