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Students end school year with Code Yellow

Eleanor Noble, Sports Editor

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The last day of school for South students began with a thorough search as they were ushered into the building. Security examined bags and scanned students with metal detectors. “I was annoyed,” said junior Becky Norling-Ruggles. “It delayed me getting to class.” Although many found this inconvienent, this search was part of a Code Yellow implemented in response to an anonymous threat placed through a phone call on Thursday, June 5th. The efforts to keep members of the community safe were important and appreciated.

“A call was made to the Speak-Up anonymous tip line that there may be a threat that would impact the South High community today,” assistant principal Dagny Waldeland stated in a SchoolMessenger script recorded, sent to parents this afternoon. “This message was vague. However, we take these calls seriously…”

Additional school and district support staff were seen throughout the building, “to ensure that we have a successful last day of school.” Waldeland explained. Students were also unable to leave class unescorted and the campus remained closed for the entirety of the day.

Parents are encouraged to call the school at 612-668-4300 if they have any questions or concerns.


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Students end school year with Code Yellow