Students Cheer for Football with Lights

Students Cheer for Football with Lights

Zosha Carroll

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!” said alumni Devin Carlson (Class of 2000), after asking him about his thoughts on the lights.  Last Friday,October 12th, 2012; students, siblings, parents, staff, alumni and grandparents all came out to support South High’s football team, for South’s first every Friday Night Light’s game.

The crowd was wild, everyone excited for South to have their first ever under the lights night game. It made the news, with a reporter from Fox 9 news filming the game. South started the game off with a little hesitation,  it was 6 to 6  within the first quarter; But South prevailed and ended the game with a big win, the final score was 41 to 20.

“The game went well, we started off a little shaky, but in the end we did well,” said senior Connor Bass

“I came out to support Kaleb Pritchard, number 34,” said Carlson, “and for the lights.”

This night game brought South together, with the support of parents, faculty, and students. Hopefully this will show the district that if they bought South lights, it would help increase attendance and bring South closer together.

“Definitely, the lights brought people in the community,” Bass said, “they would benefit other sports, like soccer.”  The lights also brought back  alumni  to help support current players.

Students were positive following the Souths Friday Night Lights game. Junior Leah Crawford said, “ It was really great and I was very pleased with the turnout.  I am proud to be a part of the South Community!”

The crowd was pumped, with Isaiah Reff leading the cheers, and students wearing their tiger pride.  It was a cold Friday night, but when it comes to having lights for a night game, tiger pride prevailed through the chilly night.

This was the game of the year, ending as South’s last home game, but first ever night game. The final score being 41 to 20, and the crowd going wild, South not only won by numbers, but they also won with spirit and pride!