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Gender neutral bathrooms would be more inclusive

Ruby Dennis, Staff Writer

June 4, 2014

Let’s be frank: the world has a lot of progress to make regarding gender issues. Violence and discrimination towards transgender and non-binary people (those who are neither male nor female, or are more than one gender) is rampant....

Trans community needs visibility in entertainment

Alex Boutrous, Managing Editor

April 29, 2014

“Is there any transgender actor? To my knowledge — I don’t know one. I didn’t even think about it,” said “Dallas Buyers Club” director Jean Marc Valée, explaining why he did not cast a transgender actor in the role...

Hats, mittens, and snow boots off to Google’s Winter Olympics doodle

Eleanor Noble, Sports editor

February 7, 2014

As the Olympics begin our eyes are caught by flying Russian girls, sparkly figure skaters, and that one sport where they kneel and slide the big stone puck across the ice. Today when I opened Google I noticed something else,...

Flaws found in broad district web filter

Ben Devore, Staff Writer

December 13, 2012

Confused why certain websites at school are blocked? Well, so are Minneapolis Public Schools officials and the makers of the program that blocks these websites. A month ago, Southerner writers tried to access articles they had ...

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