Hats, mittens, and snow boots off to Google’s Winter Olympics doodle

Eleanor Noble, Sports editor

As the Olympics begin our eyes are caught by flying Russian girls, sparkly figure skaters, and that one sport where they kneel and slide the big stone puck across the ice. Today when I opened Google I noticed something else, a particularly amazing doodle. The letters of Google were made of different Winter Olympic sports and the colors were arranged in rainbow order in recognition of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals.

Google’s message was one of opposition to Vladamir Putin’s recent anti-gay legislation passed last year. This law bans gay pride rallies, imposes fines on accused individuals, and even penalizes those expressing pro-gay views online or in the news. Putin vowed to enforce this law throughout the entirety of the Winter Olympics.

It is impossible for Russia to properly host competitors and uphold the Olympic spirit with this repressive law. Solidarity, friendship, and fair play are all prominent and powerful lessons we can take away from competing in or even watching sports. Russian culture itself clashing with these values is one thing, their government promising to specifically enforce a law that directly opposes the pillars of the Olympic spirit is another.

As I watch this diverse array of athletes showcase their superhuman abilities I have to remind myself that although they may be my heroes, they are still affected by this official justification of prejudice.