The Southerner

Cole Nicholls, Staff Writer

In high school, we all know that you encounter hundreds of new personalities every day, especially at a school as diverse as South.  Some of them like school because they see their friends; some hate it but go because they have to; and some, like junior Cole Nicholls, truly enjoy expanding their minds to new information and learning every day.  

Nicholls joined the Southerner because she enjoys journalism and politics and learning. “I’m hoping to come into [being a Southerner staff member] with a focus on activism,” Nicholls explained.  She has noticed the unyielding presence of the Southerner in and around South and is looking forward to being a part of that. Nicholls speaks with an eloquent vocabulary- that real grown up adults lack in their daily lives- that will make future readers interested in her articles.

It’s been said that she is “an extremely good dancer… which is true…,” Nicholls stated.  Along with looking forward to seeing her slick dance moves, you will hopefully catch a note or two of Nicholls jammin’ on her banjo.  

When she’s not at school, obtaining great amounts of information for seven hours a day, you might find her listening to or creating music, reading books or just hangin’ out with her friends and old cat Carlson.  Also, “I’m trying to start flossing [my teeth],” Nicholls explained.  

Be ready for Nicholls to introduce you to new and amazing people and events in and around South!

All content by Cole Nicholls