Cassutt wins Mr. Soccer Award

Ben Devore, Staff Writer

Elliot Cassutt has been setting state high school records since he came to South.  He was recently awarded Minnesota’s Mr. Soccer Award for class AA.  Cassut holds the record of Minnesota’s all-time leading scorer in boys soccer with 97 goals and 69 assists

“It was a nice achievement,” Cassutt said, “but I went into the season strong and was pretty confident.”

Cassut has set two Minnesota State High School League records in 2010, one of them from the 90s. The South forward ended last season with 44 goals and 65 points setting the record for both. Last year he was also named to the NSCAA High School All-American Team.

Cassutt has had a few contacts from Division I colleges including Xavier and Princeton but when asked what he wanted to do next Elliot said, “I’ll bounce around a couple of teams this year and probably go to Amherst.” Amherst is a division 3 school and is ranked second in the state for soccer.

The Mr. Soccer award is handed out every year by the Minnesota State High School Soccer Coaches Association (MSHSSCA) to a high school soccer player who is deemed the best overall player in the state. There’s both a Mr. and Ms. Soccer award and they are handed out to boys and girls from Class A and Class AA. This is a very prestigious award and is only handed out once a year.  Cassut was presented this award at the State Soccer Tournament Banquet.

Cassut said his motivation came from “myself and the work I put in and my teammates and family, also my coach who has been pushing me since I started.”  Minnesota Thunder Academy invited Cassut to train with them this past fall which would have made him ineligible for his final season of high school soccer but turning them down Cassut “just couldn’t leave them [South].”