Golf coach motivates athletes to achieve success

Maddie Colbert, Staff Writer

As the South golf team takes to the greens, the players lay down their bags, select one of their 14 different golf clubs and get ready to play.

For some players like sophomore Kellie Winchell, one of the benefits of golf are college scholarships. “That’s the main reason I chose golf,” said Winchell, “there are tons of golf scholarships for girls.”

However, according to junior Alexis Miller, not just anyone is offered a scholarship. “You have to be really good,” she said, “I don’t think I’m good enough, but I want a scholarship!”

Miller has been playing golf since she was eleven and a half. In eighth grade, she started playing for South. Miller finds that the important aspects of the golf team are teamwork, having fun, and trying their best. “We do pretty good,” said Miller.

While scholarships and teamwork are factors for most sports, it is the coach that sets the South golf team apart.

“He’s funny, always in a good mood, loves golf, and is really enthusiastic,” said junior Oskar Tauring-Traxler. Tauring-Traxler, who has been playing golf since he was little, decided to play on the South team freshman year. “The coach was cool, so I came back,” he said.

A few years ago, Reid Romsaas was hired by the athletic program at South to coach golf. Mark Sanders, South’s Athletic Director, recalls that there were many things that set Romsaas apart from other applicants. “He knows the game of golf, he plays a lot of golf, he seemed to be a good teacher and he seemed to be great with kids,” Sanders stated.

From the feedback Sanders is receiving about Romsaas, these qualities are still true. “He has been really successful,” said Sanders, “he tries to teach the game of golf, and not put an emphasis on winning, but to grow the program. He’s firm but fair and fun.”

As it is only the beginning of the season, Romsaas is still learning the dynamics of the team, and encourages players to get to know each other. He organizes games to break up the normal routine of practices, so students can bond. “It’s important to build upon and learn about being a team and supporting one another,” said Romsaas.

Romsaas finds that it is important that the players love to play golf. “I want to teach them as much about the game as I know, so they can play the rest of their lives and have fun,” he said. For Romsaas, the purpose of practice is to learn and have fun. “I always tell the team we’re going to work hard, compete hard, and play hard,” he stated.

His attitude is working. “He adds to the environment of the team,” said Miller, “he is always really happy and really encouraging. Even if you don’t do well, he always says it’s okay. He’s the coach you would always want.”