Shin splints don’t keep South runner from state

Grace Gessner, Staff writer

Cross country runner senior Sally Donovan made state this year running coming in third while running with shin splints.

Last spring she had shin splints as well, and it kept her from training during the summer. She now knows how to deal with them, and still feels confident running with them.

“I know I can’t be good, unless I care about it,” said Donovan. Donovan’s whole family runs, and her brother told her that in order to be good, she had to be dedicated to it.

Donovan said she is excited for state, “I’m trying to stick with something that works for me.” She said she’s going to try and keep composed and race smart this year.

Donovan also said that she is confident about this years race, and said that her training made her confident, but not having summer training might effect her running.