Super Soccer Saturday didn’t have a happy ending

Senior Alli Shaw in a game against Southwest during Soccer Saturday. Photo Credit: Emmet Kowler

Senior Alli Shaw in a game against Southwest during Soccer Saturday. Photo Credit: Emmet Kowler

Erika Roedl, News & Web editor

Sophomore Jackson Kendall runs for the ball in the JV game against Southwest at Soccer Saturday. Photo Credit: Emmet Kowler

It all came down to the last five minutes of over time for the South Men’s Varsity team in the game against Southwest last Saturday. The first two goals scored by seniors Hussein Adbulahi and Nahom Kebede didn’t seem to matter, since Southwest had scored twice as well and kept it tied for the remainder of normal time.

Two minutes had gone by in over time before senior Jovan Gorman-Carter scored and brought South ahead once again, but it wasn’t over yet.

As Coach Tamba Johnson said, the Tigers had a “mental lapse.” The Lakers scored twice in the few minutes that were left in over time, making the score 4-3. With a minute and a half left on the clock, South didn’t come back.

“We relaxed,” said junior and captain Elliot Cassutt, “they’re a good team, they put pressure on us.” Cassutt went on to compliment Southwest’s strategy, they have a player that can throw it in 30 yards, and “they use it to their advantage.”

Goalkeeper and senior Taylor Schertler explains the goals let in, saying that sometimes the ball “goes a little off,” and that it’s all in the mindset. “[South] played well, said Schertler, “unfortunately, they did too.”

The South Men’s Varsity is now ranked fourth in the state, with Southwest at seventh.

However the slight drop in ranking doesn’t phase Schertler. “I wouldn’t want to play for any other team,” he said, “I love each and every one of them.”

The Women’s Varsity team also went into over time against Southwest on Saturday, but the game still ended 0-0.

Shot after shot on both sides made no difference. with rising talent freshman Maggie Fisher in goal for South and for Southwest a keeper that Coach Lawrence Tsoi said he warned the girls before the game that she was Division I material.

Tsoi said that we were “showing we were here to compete” in the second half, but that we “only played half a game.”

Because it was Super Soccer Saturday of the year, the seniors were disappointed. Senior Erin Wallin said “we put in so much work, and there was no output.” Senior Brianna DiMartino echoed her saying “we put our heart into over time, and we didn’t get what we wanted out of it.”

Tsoi wasn’t so let down, “we never gave up a goal.”