The Career and College Center has 40 college representative visits planned so far

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Emilio Del Carmen

Board outside the CCC where you can find when college representatives will be visiting, as well as other information about college.

This year the Career and College Center (CCC) has 40 college representatives planning to visit South. These representatives, who are coming from both close and far, will have a lot of information about their college for any prospective students. “It’s a really affordable way to learn about a college” said Nneka Abdullah, the Career and College Center Coordinator.

The CCC has already scheduled visits from schools like University of Minnesota (both the Twin Cities and Duluth Campuses), Mankato and Saint Cloud. “Pretty much the Minnesota schools will come,” said Abdullah.

If you’re looking to go out of state for your continuing education, don’t worry! There will be “a lot of out of state schools,” said Abdullah, citing Boston, New York and Illinois as all having representatives visiting at some point in the year.

The representatives have a lot of information about these colleges; how to get in, what requirements are needed, ACT, GPA scores, tricks to get in, and any scholarships available. They also have information about what programs the college has, what majors and minors they offer and what life on campus is like.

“But the reps are salespeople,” warns Abdullah. They want you to go to their college so they may try to only show you the bright side of everything. Abdullah says that talking to a student would be the best way to learn about what living there is really like. “You can do that over email. A lot of students are interested in helping high school students get real answers about their college experience,” said Abdullah.  

If you want to meet one of the representatives you’ll have to go into CCC and ask either Abdullah or Mrs. Rates. They will give you a pass which, you will in turn take back to your teacher, who has the final say as to if you can miss the hour to attend the information session.

Then you can come in, get the information from the representative, and ask any questions you have.

You can find out about when colleges reps will be visiting by stopping into the CCC, looking for emails from Christina Rates, or by checking Naviance.

There will also be a fair in the spring where many college will set up booths in the gym and students will be able to get more information.

The CCC is still scheduling rep visits, and hopes to have 150 reps visiting by the last bell in June.