NAAPID meeting empowers parents and educates students

Frances Matejcek, A&E editor

This Monday, several students from UMOJA began their day with fresh fruit and conversations in Room 149. They were there to host parents for NAAPID, or National African American Parent Involvement Day. NAAPID  is meant to serve as a “national call to action to get parents, particularly those of African descent, more involved in their children’s educational lives” read a promotional flyer for South’s event.

The day began with a continental breakfast in room 149, followed by a lotion bar making lesson with South chemistry teacher Dr. Olayate, and ending with a luncheon and guest speaker in the media center.


“We’re just talking about UMOJA, about the school, and about what kinds of problems are going on in the school,” said junior and UMOJA member Rilet Weston.


Throughout the day UMOJA students spoke to staff and parents about what work they are doing with UMOJA, as well as their plans for their upcoming in-school performance on February 26th.


To end the day, Alice White, the East African liason on the Minneapolis Police Department’s Community Engagement Team spoke to students, staff, and parents about the work she does as a police officer. She answered questions about interactions with the police, current policy and trainings within the police department, as well as about her experiences in becoming a police officer.


“I grew up in Minneapolis, and one of the motivating factors for me having this position was I didn’t like the way my friends and I were treated by the police,” said White while answering questions. “I don’t have all the answers, but I am working within the department to do all I can to make a difference,” she added.


“I think it was really empowering, and I really liked having someone of your color tell their background story,” said senior and UMOJA member Becky Moore.