Liberal Arts program plans trip to Peru for summer 2015

Ellen Gantenbein, Sports Editor

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Liberal students will have the opportunity to explore Peru this summer as a part of a school trip. The trip will be led by Liberal Arts Coordinator and English teacher Delainia Haug and Social Studies teacher Laura Lanik. The approximate date of departure is June 20th, but it is subject to shift based on ticket prices. Travelers will arrive back in Minneapolis eleven action packed days later.

The trip will be run through a program called Education First Tours. The program has been well received by Haug in previous school trips. The mission of EF Tours boasts, “Prepare your students for the 21st century – while you inspire them – through a range of educational tours that provide in-depth exploration, authentic connections and hands-on experience.” In addition to traveling the country with knowledgeable guides, one perk of traveling with a program is the fact that the cost is all inclusive. This means after you pay the fee, all transportation, hotels, meals, tour directors and admission to various destinations is covered.

The trip will start by exploring the capital city of Peru, Lima. Next students will travel to the sacred valley in Cuzco, followed by a look at the ancient temples and a visit to the small town of Pisac. One of the highlights of the trip is a visit to Machu Picchu, which is also one of the seven wonders of the world. The trip will conclude with a stay at an Amazon rainforest lodge where students will have the opportunity to take a boat trip down the Amazon river.

Haug noted that the trip will reflect some of the Liberal Arts program ideals. “The trips are supposed to be in line with our Liberal Arts program sort of goals and learning expectations,” she said She also hopes students will have the opportunity to learn and grow from their experiences during the trip. “I think that you the most deep and meaningful kinds of learning take place when you go immerse yourself in the experience…You grow so much when you experience how many different ways there are to be a human being on this planet.”

Freshman Renee Smith, who will go on the trip, has similar hopes. She added ,“I hope to learn a little bit more about the world, and the culture and stuff of Peru and see how it’s different from us.”

Although the trip has a steep cost, Haug hopes this won’t deter students. She said, “Our goal isn’t just for kids who can afford to travel, but for kids who can’t afford to travel to get the experience as well.” Both Haug and Lanik are working on fundraising opportunities to make the trip more affordable for all students. They are in the the process of working with The South High Foundation to set up scholarship options as well.

There has already been one parent meeting and some students have committed to go on the trip. Don’t worry if you missed the first one, there will another meeting coming up on Wednesday, October 8th at 6pm, and it’s not too late to sign up!

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