Juniors frustrated with ACT organization

Frances Matejcek, Staff Writer

Tuesday, March 19th, South’s juniors flooded the third floor to take the ACTs. The ACT is a standardized exam that many colleges require to be reviewed for admission. The score a student receives on the test can determine what college they get into. The ACT was open to all juniors at no cost.

While the actual test taking seemed to go smoothly for most juniors, some expressed frustration over the organization.

“I think that it was really confusing for a lot of us because we all got there at 8:30 or before thinking that the test was going to start promptly at 8:45, and a lot of us had to wait until 9:15, and be slowly let in on the details,” said junior Lily Obeda. She explained that the test proctors “had to pass out pencils, erasers,  and calculators…” to students who didn’t have them, as well as wait for all students to arrive.

Arthur French, a German teacher who proctored the test in his classroom explained that the proctors “had students coming in late, and we had to get them all identified. That day many busses were late due to large amounts of snow the night before.

Many juniors also lamented that there was no writing portion on the test, which is required to get into the University of Minnesota, as well as many other private and liberal arts colleges in Minnesota and across the country. “My big problem with it is that they wouldn’t let us opt in to pay the extra money, because I think that would have been really beneficial.” added Obeda.

Overall, students faced few problems during the test, and the teachers were satisfied with how it went. “ I think it went very smoothly, all things considered, dealing with student absenteeism, and students coming in tardy.” explained French.