Alumni obtain patent for original invention

Ryan Wiskerchen, Staff Writer

Laura Jean Robinson and Ida Schneck are two South High’s alumni who have joined the proud ranks of Alexander Graham Bell and the Wright brothers.  They are the creators of a new invention, a medicament delivery system and method of use.

According to the patent’s abstract, this invention involves both the “method where a person assisting a patient in medical distress locates the patient’s medicament injection pen by using an alerting device that sends a signal to the pen’s carrying case, and where a triggered alarm in the case alerts the assisting person of the pen’s whereabouts.”

Mr. Sirovy remembers the alumni from his engineering class and has been in touch with them while they worked on their patent application.  The inspiration was one of the student’s diabetes, so, according to Sirovy, the invention “was kind of a personal quest.”  He went on to say, “They came up with the idea within class and had a lot of the main ideas down their senior year.”  After years of work, their patent was filed on May 9th of this year and was published November 15th.

Both women are now engineering students are different colleges and already published inventors.  Whether more inventions are in the future is unknown, but Mr. Sirovy succinctly summed up the gravity of their achievement, “They just had to put the work in to continue.  It’s easy to start something; it’s not that easy to finish it.”