Recent attempted abductions spark district safety reminders

Erika Roedl, News & Web editor

There have been three attempted abductions in Minneapolis in the past month. The most recent  took place a mile away from South, on September 24 on the block of 29th St. and 10th Ave. and the police have released a sketch of the suspect for that attempt, according to the Star Tribune.

As a consequence, Minneapolis Public Schools called parents to ask them to remind their children about not talking to strangers and to practice other safe behaviors when walking through their neighborhoods

According to Officer James Loveland, he and Principal Cecilia Saddler are having a crime prevention specialist from the Jacob Wetterling Foundation come to South to give a presentation at a PUSH meeting on October 24 to parents on how to keep their students safe.

Loveland stressed that abductions are rare, and that he doesn’t “want people to live in fear,” but there are things students can do to be more safe walking down the streets.

“Have a friend with you,” said Loveland, meaning walk in pairs at the least. Loevland said it’s also important to “be aware of your surroundings” not walk with headphones in, and know safe places along your route, like a corner store.

“Listen to that inner voice that says something is not right, and act upon it” said Loveland. Victims will often say after the crime that something didn’t feel or look right, according to Loveland. His advice is to adhere to any ‘sense’ of danger and get away- fast.

Loveland said the attempted abductions are actively being investigated, and that what they are trying to educate the public about this type of crime so that people can keep themselves safe. He added that the recent attempted abductions “aren’t being taken lightly,” and that if a student is having problems or has any information, they should call 911 or talk to him.