Senior planning meetings aim to prepare

Amin Amin, Staff writer

Walking into an auditorium full of black and gold, the feeling of accomplishment is everywhere. The Senior Planning Meetings are taking place at South over the next couple of days and the Class of 2012 is ready to graduate.

The meeting is held three times this week, Wednesday September 21, 2011 during the Senior’s sixth period, later that night at 6:30pm for the parents and students and the following day September 22 during the Senior’s first period.

During these meetings students are informed about what is needed of them to graduate, apply to colleges, learn about Free Application for Federal Student Aid  (FAFSA), and move on from high school as adults. Seniors walk into the auditorium and right away they see on the projector the words “Get on the path or it’s hard to get anywhere”; words that might frighten some but serve as a reality check for others.

South High counselor Jackie Mosconi said “These meetings are mandatory and we offer three times so that seniors are able to make it, whether they do PSEO or are in the building. If they aren’t able to make it, they need to make sure they speak to their counselor immediately.” Stating the fact that if they are missed, they are missing out on valuable information about their senior year.