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South implements new grading systems

Haley Deparde and Eddie Ortegon, Staff Writers

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One of the most important aspects of school is grades. They worry students, teachers, parents and even the government. When changes are made about grading, there are many people who may be affected. This year at South, instead of grading by quarters, grading will be done by semesters.

Joe Musich, a South social studies teacher,  thinks it is harder for a lot of students because they will need to work hard and keep their grade up for a whole semester as opposed to maintaining their grade for quarters. He said that by using this system, South will be grading the same way that colleges do, which will help students in preparation for their future education.

“I don’t like it because it raises the stakes for students,” said Musich. To play sports, students must maintain good grades, and he believes that it will be harder for some to qualify to play. Musich is also upset because there is a loss of a grading day in October, which teachers have used in the past to help students with work they need to make up. Junior Curtis Emery stated that “semesters are more efficient and easier grading for teachers.”

Along with the new semester grading policy, some teachers are changing the way they approach grading. This new grading policy is being referred to as “progressive grading” and gives students a chance to be active and collaborate in their grade. Diane Manley Bagley, an AP U.S history teacher who is using progressive grading, explained that her students are expected to keep a journal of their notes and a portfolio of their work to be presented at a student-lead conference.  At these conferences the students will provide evidence to support their desired grade. For projects, the class will work as a team to create a rubric for the specific assignment.

“[Students will be] engaged more in the learning process,” said Manley Bagley. She noted that student have generally been receiving this new policy well, but a few just want to be given a grade. Manley Bagley believes that this progressive grading will encourage students to self motivate, which will prepare them for college.

Principal Cecilia Saddler said that this progressive grading lets students in on where they are in their classes. She believes that students should have ownership of their grades.

There is a hope that with these new grading changes, an effective process will be created. It will take some time though, to see how these new policies play out at South.

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South implements new grading systems