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Rock-a-bye South: students sleeping in class

Selim Ayhan, Staff writer

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Students are sleeping at school instead of at home. In the corners of the commons and during boring classes the head falls down on the table and the eyes close.

The reasons students sleep during school is that they are tired or the class is boring, said freshman Mara Benowitz and Eva Peterson, sophomore. Peterson naps once or twice a week and Benowitz once a quarter. The interesting part is that Benowitz sleeps 6 hours a night and Peterson 8-9 hours.

Arthur French sees students sleeping in the commons more in the winter but nobody during his class. “I think the main reason for that is so many activities. The students go home too late and don’t have enough sleep or they have recreational activities going on,” said French.

French doesn’t think homework is a prevailing cause for lack of sleep. “I don’t give too much of homework, but we need to give homework, because if we don’t the students will fail in the university. The students will have unrealistic expectations outside of high school,” said French

Senior Cole Hanson who sleeps during class once a month sleeps 9 hours a night to do not be tired the next day. Hanson is skate boarding 3 hours every day. He said his friends who are sleeping during class are playing video games at night.
Ian Fatterer, senior, naps 4 hours a week during school. His main reason for that is that he hangs out with friends late at night. Because of that, Fatterer gets 5 hours of sleep a night. Fatterer said he does not miss important parts of his classes because he sleeps in his easy classes and he also wishes classes would be more interesting.
South teacher Daniel Anderson, who sees students sleeping in his class  four or five times a day taps on the shoulder to wake them up or says in a nice voice: “Put your head up.” He thinks the reason students sleeping during class is that the students work or have other activities. Anderson said:” I try to give just two or three days of homework {a week] and I do not give homework the next day.
Students need nine to ten hours of sleep a night, said Merrilee Sullivan the school nurse. “Crowded family and too much noise at home could be the reason for not getting sleep at night for students or sometimes medication, too much caffeine,” said Sullivan.
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Rock-a-bye South: students sleeping in class