Transfer students explain why they chose South

Ayan Deria, Staff writer

There have been many changes at South in the past few years in policies, administration, teachers and grading systems, and students are no exception. Fresh new faces have come to join the South High community for many reasons.

According to sophomore Mubashir Jeilani, who transferred from Washburn High School, “the outstanding debate team at South” is one reason he transferred, but also because transportation became an issue due to the CSO plan. “The main reason I came [to South] is because it was close to my house,” he said.

Coming to South his sophomore year wasn’t all bad, said Jeilani. They only bad thing was all the rules. “Coming from Washburn High School to South was a lot different, like they don’t let underclassmen outside for lunch.” To adjust  he said he had “to get rid of my miller pride and get my tiger pride on.” Jeilani also said that he made many new friends and got along with his debate team.

Sophomore Siham Amin came to South for a different reason, “my sister goes here.” Her sister is senior Sana Amin. Siham came from St. Louis Park Senior High School, which is different from many transfer students as she did not come from a Minneapolis Public School. Another reason she came is because St. Louis Park did not enforce their rules as much as they should, according to Amin. Amin states that the adjustment has probably been easier for her than for most because as well as making new friends, many of her old friends went to South already or transferred here as well.

Junior Abdiwahid Sheekh came for a much different reason. He said, “I was getting in too much trouble at Edison High School.” Sheekh said he really likes the education here at South, which according to him is much better then at Edison. He also said he likes the teachers. To adjust at South, Sheekh said he just wants to graduate and make friends along the way. Like Amin, his adjustment was also made easier because he knew many people at South already.

Sophomore Ayan Sheikh came for the liberal arts program and it’s courses.  She transferred from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. “I like the diversity in South, but I don’t like the strict cell phone rules,” Sheikh said. Sheikh also said how the adjustment was easy for her also because of knowing many people here in advance. “I felt welcomed here,” she said.