The South community is willing and ready to help


Samara Adam, Staff Writer

Around the time of the election, I was talking with some people who hated both candidates equally, but for whatever reason they decided they would rather see Trump in office than Hillary. Their reasons were weak, and not well backed up, claiming he has better policies, and he would save our country from debt. They claimed Hillary would throw our country into debt, and she couldn’t be trusted in the office.

While no candidate was perfect, I strongly disagree with their thoughts. Why they thought that electing a man as the president of our nation who has said nasty things about almost all people groups, has filed his businesses as bankrupt four times and has no political background was okay, I don’t know. What they don’t realize is while they might feel secure in whatever political policies they were leaning towards, thousands of people across the country are fearing for their friends, their families, their freedom to express themselves and their faith, and even their lives.

While this has been a hard time for us all, seeing the South community bond together over this common issue has been a beautiful thing. Everyone is standing together to love, support and give hope to all who are sad, confused upset and afraid. So, to everyone who feels afraid because of the color of their skin, the religion they choose to follow, their sexuality or any other reason, you are not alone. There are so many people around you, especially in the South community who are willing and ready to help.