The country you live in is run by nothing but hate and misogyny


Lil Crawford, Staff Writer

To minorities in America,

It is honestly so terrifying to know that the country you live in is run by nothing but hate and misogyny. To know that the only person that can truly benefit is a straight white male.

The morning after everything happened I woke up in tears, not only in fear for myself as a young woman, but also as an LGBT+ member. It was only a matter of minutes before I realized that there were a lot of people that were a lot more scared than I was. I realized that every one of my friends that are Somali or someone who isn’t white were probably in a worse situation than I.

It makes every emotion I have in my body ache to know that we have the kind of person, running the country, that is discriminatory towards a certain type of people, you know who else was like that? Hitler. But now we have this man who is in charge. And the only thing I feel like I can do, is help my friends who are afraid, I will not hesitate to help people with daily tasks, such as if they feel uncomfortable in public… I’m so sorry to the people that are affected by this in such a harsh way, but I am here for you.